Meet Houstan's New Consul General of India
Voice of Asia, Houston - Aug 16 , 2002
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Indian Consul General Skand Ranjan Tayal,who describes his job as making sure about the welfare of Indians in the United States,was emphatic to strengthen Indo-American cultural activities.Skand Ranjan Tayal,who previously served as the chief passport officer in New Delhi for three and a half years looks forward to his tasks in Houstan with anticipation.

In an interview with Ruchi Roy,the Consul General Skand Ranjan Tayal,talked in detail about his ordeal as a consul general.

What exactly are the responsibilities of a consul?

A consul is a person sent abroad for the welfare of Indian nationals in a foreign city.The term welfare is just not for those who are in the states but for the milions of our workers in the gulf.Most Indians who go to Europe or the United States are educated and go through a proper channel.While millions of these workers in the Gulf fall prey to fraudulent agents and need assistance from the government of India.I received about eighty to hundred letters everyday from workers in the Gulf.Therefore,you can say that the consulate is an interface between Indians living aboroad and the embassy.

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