India consul general speaks out on outsourcing,misconceptions

   Passports and visas are only part of the job for India's consul general in Houston,Skand Ranjan Tayal.He's also been a cheerleader for beeter business ties between the United States and India,and he has been in th

22 Jun 2004
Meet Houstan's New Consul General of India

Indian Consul General Skand Ranjan Tayal,who describes his job as making sure about the welfare of Indians in the United States,was emphatic to strengthen Indo-American cultural activities.Skand Ranjan Tayal,who previously served as the chief passport officer in New Delhi for three and a half ye

16 Aug 2002
The Poem


    “Never Say Goodbye”


So my friends it’s time to go.

It’s time to say Goodbye

Let the Divine Power be your

Spiritual Guide.


J O. Burg
01 Dec 1998